Lessons Learned: Navigating Everyday Life with Alpha-Gal Syndrome

by sage scott

Being diagnosed with alpha-gal syndrome changes your life in many ways. Here are some helpful tips as you navigate your new normal with a largely unknown and widely misunderstood food allergy.

If you suspect you have alpha-gal, request a test. You know your body better than any medical professional. If you suspect you have alpha-gal, request a test. A blood draw will easily confirm (or deny) your suspicions.

Be sure your physician orders the right test by sharing these lab codes: Quest Diagnostics Code: 10555 Labcorp Code: 650003

 Understand your triggers and tolerance level. While all alpha gals need to stop eating mammalian meats, not all alpha gals need to avoid other allergy triggers, which can include dairy products, carrageenan, and medications in gel caps.

 Dining out with alpha-gal can be tricky. While you know not to order a beef or pork dish, work with your server to identify any hidden triggers like refried beans made with lard or bacon bits sprinkled on the salad.

It's okay to feel sad, or even angry, about the foods you can no longer enjoy. Acknowledge your feelings but don't let them define you

Avoiding future tick bites is crucial. Subsequent bites can increase your reaction to mammalian meats and other products.

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